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Posted by Pankaj jha 2017-09-13

Nice game

Posted by SoggyCereal Face 2017-09-12

Ummn Why Cant I Transform???? The Rest Of The Game Is Awsome Tho.

Posted by sudipa dutta 2017-09-12

It's good

Posted by 2017-09-12


Posted by Harsh Dwivedi 2017-09-12

I will rate 5 stars but please add all the aliens and villains. PLEASE!

Posted by Sahaj Singh 2017-09-12

Out standing

Posted by ashish joshy 2017-09-11

Cool game but t I didn't get transform option

Posted by Isaiah Hill 2017-09-11

Like it but can't transform

Posted by aabeda nafis 2017-09-11

I can't transform but any way it is good game

Posted by dashrath kumar 2017-09-11

so good

Posted by Pahulpreet Singh Kahlon 2017-09-11

Likeed it but game has some technical bugs pls fix or i will become heatblast and distroy your whole boring compony and boring games

Posted by Anand Roy 2017-09-10

Add more aliens plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Chris Kruger 2017-09-10

I like it but there should be more aliens

Posted by r.anand guru 2017-09-10

Transform action not coming

Posted by DANGER ZONE 2017-09-09


Posted by Arianna Ventura 2017-09-09

GG :) \_(^^)_/♡

Posted by Sunil Preamathilaka 2017-09-09

Super Bro

Posted by Qua games 2017-09-09

How to do the transformation with the camera

Posted by 2017-09-09

No listen all the Ben ten users you have to upgrade it

Posted by ssjblue canyon 2017-09-09

I can't transform

Posted by 2017-09-08

It is very good game but very slow

Posted by Janmejay singh 2017-09-08

There are 4 alien like heat last strongly ,dimondhead and fotarms

Posted by 2017-09-07

Posted by John Jeesan 2017-09-06

Good game but need more aliens and transform button to change into any alien

Posted by Lalit Jadhav 2017-09-06

Nice game

Posted by Dibyendu Basu 2017-09-06

I like this game

Posted by Starsuman Palani 2017-09-06

Best game and super graphics I like that games

Posted by 2017-09-06

Best Game Like Please

Posted by Arjunkumar Prasad 2017-09-06

I don't no about this game it is only started to installing so I don't know but I don't know what it is only started to installing I think that it is a good once but it will not instal when it will I don't know when it will be

Posted by Mir Muhammad 2017-09-05

Four arms waho Coool

Posted by vijaykumar vijay kumar 2017-09-05

Posted by user 2017-09-05

Plz add more aliens

Posted by Munish Sharma 2017-09-05


Posted by Naina Bedi 2017-09-05


Posted by ADDICTIVE TEJAS 2017-09-05

Best game

Posted by Sukhram Kachhawa 2017-09-04


Posted by Kalpana Devi 2017-09-04

i love this game because it's so nice and

Posted by 2017-09-04

Yup its a good game.It was a fun to play this game

Posted by sonu burnwal 2017-09-04

Sir this game 's radar not working

Posted by Khan Haseem 2017-09-03

Verry bad game

Posted by deepa bhat 2017-09-02

Good games

Posted by Charmandoe Taylor 2017-09-01

Umm well u could think dovelopers um the ben i see is REBOOT BEN

Posted by Alisha Nadaf 2017-09-01

Add more aliens

Posted by Tamil Tamil 2017-09-01


Posted by Ch Jacob 2017-09-01

Good game

Posted by 2017-09-01

Fun ga

Posted by Pawan Sharma 2017-09-01

Nooo plz add more aliens all of them then I;LL rate five stars and it crashes I'll see tomorrow that it's big will be fixed or not plz ad d more aliens

Posted by 2017-09-01

Nice game,

Posted by Sweta Ghosh 2017-08-31

Nice but not very nice but very good

Posted by Omaari Jones 2017-08-31

It's fun but it doesn't let me do it in my world like it said it would

Posted by Parwinder RKR 2017-08-31


Posted by Rojim Maner 2017-08-31

Not working in KitKat plis fix

Posted by Sheikh Hassan 2017-08-30

I think it is better

Posted by 2017-08-30

Best game ever but I can't record

Posted by Shaikh Faizan 2017-08-30

Just awesome

Posted by Mr MP 2017-08-30

This game is so good but please give more aliens

Posted by 2017-08-29

This game is like pokemon go your a copy cat

Posted by 2017-08-29

Licked it

Posted by Arfan & Kshitij Tech 2017-08-29

It can be improved by changing alien at the same time

Posted by 2017-08-28

It is an amazing games I have ever played.But it has only 4 aliens

Posted by Jani 2008 2017-08-28

How do I get the real experience

Posted by Missy Glenn 2017-08-27

Like It

Posted by Songs with Lyrics! 2017-08-27

Bro.. The game is awesome but.. WHERE IS TRANSFORM!?

Posted by Anju Verma 2017-08-26

It's good but my ar mode is not activating help

Posted by ARUN KUMAR MISHRA 2017-08-26

I think me and all the player who love to play this game wants same in his/her wishlist more aliens this only make bored by playing with 4 aliens

Posted by 2017-08-26

Its kind ov stupid

Posted by 2017-08-26

Good but add some more fun

Posted by 2017-08-26

Add more characters pls

Posted by Nigar Malvi 2017-08-25

I have Samsung galaxy note 3 and I'm not able to play 360 it's a virtual 360 not in real life and I'm not able to transform

Posted by Mratyunjay Singh 2017-08-25


Posted by Chandrashekhar Patil 2017-08-25

Nice game

Posted by bilal ahmad 2017-08-24

Good luck

Posted by Wasim R 2017-08-24

Please please add more aliens please

Posted by Hasan Nasir 2017-08-23

Pls.. Could you tell me why I don't have transform button

Posted by Josiah Diem 2017-08-23

It was not that bad but it culb de deter

Posted by Ila Arora 2017-08-21


Posted by Samir Diabagh 2017-08-21

It has only 4 aliens and need levels and boss battles

Posted by Arghajeet Chakraborty 2017-08-20

It's a great game but it would be even better if they added all the aliens of Ben 10 and another feature should be added to this game to make it more great, which is a practice camp

Posted by Supercoolgamer 50 2017-08-19


Posted by Faisal Chaudhry 2017-08-16

This game is amazing its crazy yes it is

Posted by Afinaz Zaheerudeen 2017-08-15

Great game but I really don't have face swap

Posted by Gamer 10 2017-08-15

This game is nice but the only problem is that some times when i play it automatically close down itself

Posted by maria bakhtiari 2017-08-14

I love this game...its a good game...pls do download this game

Posted by Sarita Sangwan 2017-08-14

Well game than Ben 10 up to speed

Posted by covilen Naikoo 2017-08-14


Posted by dhirender singh rawat 2017-08-13

I can't transforme into aliens

Posted by Jahmir Mitchell 2017-08-12


Posted by randomizer boy 2017-08-11

I like it but I don't kone how to record

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