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Posted by sourabh raj 2017-09-12

Not a gud one

Posted by Thomas Powers 2017-09-12

Mede more guys

Posted by Naveed king B 2017-09-12

Great idea but I can't control fix it please

Posted by 2017-09-12

Good game but also boring because it has same levels.

Posted by Jesse 2017-09-12

It's need to be fixed

Posted by Dr.policyman Dr.policyman 2017-09-11

Why don't I get the A-R?

Posted by 2017-09-11

Please aad more Aliens

Posted by the Wolves 2017-09-11

I love it

Posted by blockclouth34 gaming 2017-09-11

It's ok

Posted by Chante Richardson 2017-09-11

Kinda good

Posted by Sharjil Asif 2017-09-11

Only four aliens are in game why

Posted by Sidharth Ugender 2017-09-11


Posted by Satish Vegesana 2017-09-11

No transform option .

Posted by محمد معجونی 2017-09-10


Posted by Abdul Rahman 2017-09-10

Plz add more alliens Good Game

Posted by Manish Sharma 2017-09-10

How to transform into alien

Posted by xxryan' nxb team ryan 2017-09-09

It's okay

Posted by Ajay Kumar 2017-09-09

Only four aliens

Posted by mimi mimr 2017-09-09

Only 4 aliens

Posted by Ashok Sharma 2017-09-09

It is good game but the control are not good

Posted by sujatha sridhar 2017-09-09

It is ok ok

Posted by Nitin Khuller 2017-09-09

In this game there are only four ailens available

Posted by Surjeet Mehta 2017-09-08

I don't have transform option

Posted by 2017-09-08

Not good and notbad

Posted by 2017-09-08

Were is the transform button?, cartoon network, can u please fix this it would be awesome to transform!!!!!

Posted by Adan Soriano 2017-09-08

Awesome game

Posted by raju saini 2017-09-08


Posted by 2017-09-08

Posted by Mamu Kaul 2017-09-07

Why the transformers is no avalable

Posted by Krishna Banshi 2017-09-07

I will give it 5 stars but I cannot transform

Posted by 2017-09-06

You only get 4 aliens and you do the same things over and over this is not what it says to be. like the laser pointer apps

Posted by DJTJ paterson 2017-09-05

I liked it but unfortunately it needed more aliens and you should give out been 10 watches for free to let everyone know you are serious

Posted by pavan singh 2017-09-05

Very good game but more aliens

Posted by Kundan Dixit 2017-09-05

Nice game but where is the transform option I am telling u pls fix it OK

Posted by Sarita Suman 2017-09-04

I want more aliens.........

Posted by Kiri Forever 2017-09-04

I will give 5 stars when stops crashing

Posted by pandagaming 184 2017-09-04

I like it but it should be able to move,have smoother controls, transform button and add ALL OF THE ALIENS not just the popular ones! Star-

Posted by Devendra Chaturvedi 2017-09-03

Please add more aliens like ripjaws upgrade and wild mud Amd more

Posted by Meherun Nessa 2017-09-03

My problem is that I have only one play button no transform button please fix it

Posted by chante` Alberts 2017-09-03

It does not show how to play it

Posted by MADHUSMITA BARIK 2017-09-02

Recording mode isn't available in my app

Posted by Borna Radošević 2017-09-02

I don't have the transform option....fix please....

Posted by Deepa Nittali 2017-09-02

Nice game

Posted by 2017-09-01


Posted by 2017-09-01

Make it like we are living the Ben's life completely......

Posted by Caleb Harris Thomas-Whittiker 2017-09-01

It was better than the other game

Posted by Fairoz Khan 2017-08-31

Just they are no difficult levels

Posted by Puru Vats 2017-08-31

Can you please add a controller support and be mode because I think that this game will be my favourite if it had a vr mode

Posted by 2017-08-31

Needs more aliens and more ombitrcs

Posted by Sangeeta Seth 2017-08-31

I did not transfer plz fix it

Posted by mostafa ayman 2017-08-30

I dont love ben 10 but transformrs my best please fix ben 10

Posted by TECH GUIDE 2017-08-30


Posted by Imperial 2017-08-30

Can anyone tell me I can't record transform in alien how to do ot

Posted by sachin nandedkar 2017-08-29

Hi l am on the game​ is nice but their must best

Posted by Malde Odedra 2017-08-29

Why i cant turn on ar in my phone???????

Posted by 2017-08-29

Only 4 aliens

Posted by Master An8mator 2017-08-29

This game is great but I am one play button only not transform and not game play for camera

Posted by Krish Jaiswal 2017-08-28

Chutia giri

Posted by Completed 2017-08-27

Well i cant rec or take a picture so plz fix this game

Posted by DENIS MUTUNDU 2017-08-27

It's fine but I can't transform

Posted by j sivakumar 2017-08-27

Good game !

Posted by 2017-08-27

The game is good but aliens is not strong

Posted by Arihant Pal 2017-08-26

Need more alien and more levels

Posted by Rinky Dubey 2017-08-26

Very nic game

Posted by Rajendra Tiwari 2017-08-26

Not better than pokemon

Posted by Toh Jing Yu 2017-08-26

Do I recommend it.....It's fun for at least 10 minutes (see what I did there). So yeah..

Posted by Ninja-Raiden 2017-08-25

...No Transform Button...Srsly?

Posted by kriti suman 2017-08-24

It's Hero time

Posted by DRK Lohith 2017-08-24

I like it

Posted by dinocraft video's 2017-08-21

Posted by Tobi Komolafe 2017-08-21

It's slow to download I almost had an heart attack because I was using my mom's hotspot and I didn't tell her if she caught me I was going to be grounded and the game is not your surroundings YES THEY LIED

Posted by Falguni dam 2017-08-20

It's ok

Posted by Morgan Matthews 2017-08-17

It's OK

Posted by ssjgssj goku 2017-08-16


Posted by Abhinav Sathyam 2017-08-16


Posted by Jazel Mayfield 2017-08-15

It is write

Posted by OfficialSkyCraftersYT 2017-08-12

It is a good concept butt for me being able to find the enemies was difficult because of the poor tracking and at first it kept crashing when I tried to do the face change thing

Posted by Callum cool 2017-07-30

When I press play game it just kick me out of the app

Posted by 2017-07-29

Fine for a few minutes but got really hard and boring

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