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Posted by now Star 2017-09-12

I can't transform because transforming option not available please fix it.

Posted by mothukuri krishna 2017-09-12


Posted by Ryan McCausley 2017-09-09

For a show that's being run for the second time, the amount of thought put into this game is pitiful.

Posted by anurag kapoor 2017-09-08

it is not allowing me for face something please

Posted by Shiva Charan 2017-09-07

I hate it.very bad and control are ok

Posted by 2017-09-06

No transformation

Posted by Dhruv Ahuja 2017-09-06

I can't change or transform in an alien

Posted by 2017-09-04

Bhak sale cartoon Network transform option not available fake app does,nt work

Posted by Vansh Bhatia 2017-09-04


Posted by narendra pawar 2017-09-04

AI'm like this game very much but this game net open camera

Posted by deeksha Singh 2017-09-02


Posted by RAJIB BORA 2017-09-01

Why i cant get the transform option inavailable hate it and four arms starts to lag does not attack after using special cannonball alien attack

Posted by Venom -99 2017-09-01

Vary badly

Posted by Jeniffer Gerber 2017-08-31

I cant transform

Posted by golden freddy 2017-08-30

It doesn't let me transform

Posted by Ashveer Laljeeth 2017-08-30

Can't even transform it's trash the gameplay is not good

Posted by Sunny Joea 2017-08-29

Bhut bekar game hai 120 mb kharab mat karo

Posted by SHIVCHAND YADAV 2017-08-28

No transform button is there

Posted by Mayank Baadal 2017-08-26

Why no more aliens. very bad

Posted by Tempus 2017-08-20

The game gets boring pretty quick. I unlocked all the aliens in 20-60 minutes. The controls are terrible. There should be a joystick to control the camera and a button to attack.

Posted by Ansh Jaiswal 2017-08-19

Only 4 alien u must add all alien of ben 10 omniverse big ben who have friend rook

Posted by David Awoliyi 2017-08-17

A little dissapointing

Posted by Josue Jeanbaptiste 2017-08-16


Posted by kamel Johnson 2017-08-12

Kicks me out when i click play game it seemed good but i mean i cant even play it i looked forward to this cuz i love ben 10 man pls fox this i wanna play it!!!

Posted by writx12 2017-08-12

I can't even download the game

Posted by 2017-08-10


Posted by Jalen James 2017-08-03

I can't access transform

Posted by nexus nova 2017-07-25

When i click play it kicks me out of the game

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