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Posted by SAHALAM SK 2017-09-12


Posted by mahdi zareh 2017-09-12


Posted by RITU GAUTAM 2017-09-12

It never works

Posted by Harsh Jatin 2017-09-12

Awesome game

Posted by nat raj 2017-09-12

I hate it

Posted by 2017-09-12

Goo Goo

Posted by pink ninja 2017-09-11

Trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is only good for zombiessssssss!!!!!!

Posted by GamerZane Quinny 2017-09-11

This needs shorter download time

Posted by 2017-09-11


Posted by 2017-09-11

Wow but some ads

Posted by mosa kekana 2017-09-11

Does not work without data

Posted by shanmugam bhuvaneswari 2017-09-11

I cant transform

Posted by 2017-09-10


Posted by Samuel Kogi 2017-09-10

4 ben tens sucks

Posted by babyruth lover 2017-09-10

It's stupid

Posted by Manivannan Thirunavukkarasu 2017-09-10

I can't move my hands

Posted by Ashutosh Kumar 2017-09-10


Posted by bendy plays 2017-09-09

It's sad pf how crappy this game is other aliens

Posted by Bethany Sanchez 2017-09-09

No transformation

Posted by ninja star 2017-09-09


Posted by blake brantley 2017-09-09


Posted by Catherine Simon 2017-09-09


Posted by Yogesh Sablok 2017-09-09

So boring game

Posted by Maria Luna 2017-09-09


Posted by Ashok Pandey 2017-09-09

मुछे ये खेल बकवाश लगा

Posted by 2017-09-09

I can download this game bad very very bad

Posted by Nirajan Sapkota 2017-09-09

Nice game

Posted by 2017-09-09

The game was very short "I finished it in half hour and in it not transforming mode

Posted by Varathan Jc 2017-09-09

HDFC bank

Posted by Purnima Hui 2017-09-08


Posted by Christina Moody 2017-09-08

These game is so therebul

Posted by Yanzezahi Rodriguez 2017-09-08

I hate it so much

Posted by poopy pants 2017-09-08

Stupid involve of the 10 Ben 10 aliens that's why they call it Ben 10 cuz there's 10 images

Posted by shazia ambareen 2017-09-08

It's stupid . As soon as I turn on the game it goes back to the home screen . That's all don't install this game pls

Posted by Ashik Shrestha 2017-09-08

Worst game

Posted by Jim Begue 2017-09-08

Why i can't use the ar mode on my samsung A5 2016....

Posted by Pushpa Kumari 2017-09-08

Please add more aliens and full transformation and real world game play like pokemon go and I not get transformation option why?

Posted by Muhammad Muhammad 2017-09-08

I cant get transform option please fix it

Posted by 2017-09-07

Dont download this app no matter what

Posted by 2017-09-07

I likes this gamee but there was only for aliens that makes the game boring

Posted by 2017-09-07

stop. taken. people. Internet. you. stop. Internet

Posted by Rajeev Rajeev 2017-09-07

It is very nice

Posted by Ruma Sarkar 2017-09-07

Please improve controls I can't move

Posted by sharafat ali 2017-09-07


Posted by Gurpreet Singh Matharu 2017-09-06

Bakwaas Waste of time nd internet don't dwnload it

Posted by Deepa Arora 2017-09-06

I can't transform in aliens and real battle mode is not working

Posted by funny video 2017-09-06

So short

Posted by Meraje Noor 14 2017-09-06

سلام بی شعور بنتن

Posted by Sanjeevni Herbs 2017-09-06

I hate it

Posted by Shaan Mehta 2017-09-05

It doesn't let me get in the game

Posted by Aftab Sk 2017-09-05

Very bad game not intracting

Posted by 2017-09-05

Not ofction to play in real wrold

Posted by All TECH 2017-09-05

Why there is transform option is unavailable.

Posted by 2017-09-05

Don't wast your 120 MB to download this game

Posted by Amaan Hajini 2017-09-05

Why I don't get transform option??? Fix it please

Posted by Techjoy fun 2017-09-05

Best game ever

Posted by Devon Heidel 2017-09-04

Wouldn't work

Posted by Rayne Campbell 2017-09-04

It's so weird I can never go into stinkfly but I get it I can do it every single time I'll get him but it won't

Posted by 2017-09-04

Very bad game never install this waste of time

Posted by 2017-09-04

This game was so bad

Posted by umair khan 2017-09-04

Why i cant get the transform options

Posted by manjari pramanik 2017-09-04

Posted by Shyambhai Padiya 2017-09-04


Posted by lokesh meena 2017-09-04


Posted by Niko Ramos 2017-09-03

It was straight up stupid Dumbest thing I've ever played

Posted by 2017-09-03

I do not now why the transform option is not available

Posted by Gbemisola Olowoselu 2017-09-03

add more levels

Posted by Jadunath Hansdah 2017-09-03

I didn't play every much very bad game of the another game .the other 1mb game is better then this game I will tell you didn't download this game this game I never download my 100mb will be waste way i download the game i will tell please didn't download (ok please)

Posted by BRAYDEN GOVENDER 2017-09-03

Why can u get the transform tab

Posted by Shiyam Krishna 2017-09-03

I had hated it because i downloaded it especially for transformation but i dosent have any option,the the gameplay is not so nice but i appriciate the animation it is a nice thing in this game

Posted by DARK LEGEND 2017-09-03

Where is the transform option

Posted by avijit das 2017-09-03


Posted by Vishal Kumar 2017-09-02

Fake not working

Posted by sudhir khabiya 2017-09-02

Tell us what you think

Posted by Kartikay Bhardwaj 2017-09-02

This game is not working please not waste your

Posted by Shashank Gupta 2017-09-02


Posted by hvk 30 guy cotto 2017-09-02

F you

Posted by Tr3s Rodsan 2017-09-02


Posted by Mega Manie 2017-09-02

Pokemon GO

Posted by Shaun Ken-Ucheonye 2017-09-02


Posted by MattAvenger 555 2017-09-02

I want to now how to transeform

Posted by ARUN GUPTAA 2017-09-02

needs very improvement

Posted by Abhishek Mishra 2017-09-02

It will be big and boring game because a charter will big and crush but ben 10 is my faverot cartoon

Posted by Rudraksh Prasad 2017-09-02

It is very bad it crashed

Posted by Tashfafaaz Momin 2017-09-02

I cant transform into alien there is no option to get transform

Posted by Tiger shroff Nidhi agarval Rakhi Singh 2017-09-02

Billkul bakwas transform nahi how sakte

Posted by Janardan Mhatre 2017-09-01

Is game nice but transform goan

Posted by BAKOE games 2017-09-01

Sucks only has 4 guys and u can't transform at first don't get

Posted by Yatendra Giri 2017-09-01

Bakwas app I cannot even change my face only and only fighting is there

Posted by Adiel DLC 2017-09-01

I thought there was more Heroes just 4

Posted by 2017-09-01

I cant transform into aliens please fix

Posted by 2017-09-01

I can,t even turn

Posted by Cody King 2017-09-01

Take forever to load and crashes everytime I hit play game have tryed 30times waste of my time

Posted by brian esmalla 2017-09-01

Shacks chew lbs verb mark bfnd

Posted by 2017-09-01

I cannot transform

Posted by gunturzz channel 2017-08-31

It doesn't work

Posted by funny funny tech 2017-08-31

Bakvas game

Posted by shekhar nagar 2017-08-31

Only 4 aliens

Posted by Himani Upreti 2017-08-31

Worst game ever played plzz do not install it

Posted by iChowder 2017-08-31


Posted by Meghbarno Sarkar 2017-08-31

Worst game of Ben 10 . Don't waste your time by downloading it. If I played 10 waves and of mobile next when I starts it its wave starts from wave 1

Posted by SK Gaming 2017-08-31

Waste game i have ever played its fixed with the blue whale game

Posted by 2017-08-31

It is for small child

Posted by Shamim Bano 2017-08-31

Not gooood

Posted by NELSON JR 2017-08-30

it only show play game not trwnsform

Posted by apurv mahetaliya 2017-08-30

Very borring... nothing in this game. Dont download.. waste time and data.

Posted by shadow the hedgehog fun and more!!!!! 2017-08-30

It sucks

Posted by xJoshXDx 2017-08-30


Posted by Vineeta Tulaskar 2017-08-30

I am not getting enimes what should I do

Posted by swati kansal 2017-08-30

It is not working

Posted by heena patel 2017-08-30

It isn't a good game.Need to fx bugs

Posted by 2017-08-30


Posted by tewari hemant 2017-08-30

Very bad game

Posted by Aathithan Kirinthan 2017-08-30

So bad

Posted by Tariq Talha 2017-08-30

I can't open camera

Posted by madhu soni 2017-08-29

Where is the transform

Posted by Kaushal Kumar Pundir 2017-08-29

Posted by MR . ÂĎ 2017-08-29

Nice game it's real I liked it it works well it's like pokemon go but not same as it is

Posted by 2017-08-28

THIS IS STUPID game i cant take photo as me a alien

Posted by Trevon Cole 2017-08-28

Make a better game

Posted by 2017-08-28

Fake I tried to download it but it didn't

Posted by Adil Siddique 2017-08-28

Worst game ever played don't download it waste of mbs

Posted by Harshit Yadav 2017-08-28


Posted by roy joseph 2017-08-28

Simply fooling game

Posted by Prabhu Dutt Sharma Sharma 2017-08-27

I hate

Posted by 2017-08-27

You Lie How Do You Transform GEES

Posted by 2017-08-27

When I was trying to look around it would make me a CAC and when I was trying to attack you make me look around Don't download it's horrible

Posted by neelam namdeo 2017-08-27

Too boring

Posted by Gunuk Nabam 2017-08-27

I did not play this game but i think it is wast of netpack

Posted by UJJwal raj ujjwal raj 2017-08-26

I complete it in one hour

Posted by Barbara Griffin 2017-08-26

Duck my peins

Posted by Marwa Samir 2017-08-26

It is very very bad game and canot transform and the game is very yuck

Posted by Shuzan Ali 2017-08-26

There is no option for playing it thtough camera

Posted by Daryl Wilton 2017-08-26

Blah that's all I can say about this app

Posted by Unkown Channel 2017-08-26

The control is very hard

Posted by Hepsiba Hepsiba 2017-08-26

Super et je me lève

Posted by mohd tariq 2017-08-26

this game is very slow to download it take so many time

Posted by 2017-08-26

Dose not have all his alliens

Posted by dr manoj kr singh 2017-08-25

Absolutely bad game

Posted by Delanie Lewis 2017-08-25

T terrible

Posted by enderasasingamer lietuviškas kanalas 2017-08-25

It's just an attack game!!!

Posted by rayyan daniael 2017-08-25

I just get mad its suck After spending a long time, Of downloading it just a attack Game, no transform button!

Posted by siva Kumari 2017-08-23

Itwas not transforming

Posted by 2017-08-22

Takes to much time

Posted by Omiru Jayaweera 2017-08-22

How to play in real enviroment and how to use the alien camera

Posted by 2017-08-22

Control are bad

Posted by Zarif Da Vocaloid 2017-08-21

It crash bandicoot,geddit!?

Posted by Aliasgar Mirza 2017-08-21

this game is good but I'm not getting transforming options anyone tell me

Posted by 2017-08-21

Stupid idiot game

Posted by 2017-08-21

Ok but transform is not coming Yay! Please donot download yay! Nothing is in the game yay! Your a man than don't download yay!

Posted by Maureen Burks 2017-08-21

When I downloaded the game I thought I was going to be fun but there is no transformation in that all said was just play game I was heartbroken I'm sorry but they have to do a better job if they're going to do it on Samsung phones

Posted by Ola Kelani 2017-08-20

I can't transform

Posted by Muhammad Mansha 2017-08-20

This app didit wark

Posted by phùng kiệt gamer 2017-08-20

Not cool

Posted by MaKayla Patterson 2017-08-19


Posted by 2017-08-19

It is not good because you can't be gray matter

Posted by Harshit Thakur 2017-08-19

Not beller Game...

Posted by Nishanth Raj Dhinakaran 2017-08-18

It's not gd it crashes

Posted by Saman Saman 2017-08-18

مسخره واقعی نمیشه

Posted by Ethan Mcgregor 2017-08-17

Hate it

Posted by Ogun Abiodun 2017-08-17

It is not working

Posted by ASHUTOSH KUMAR 2017-08-16

Is Not moving

Posted by Maxim Hogan 2017-08-16

Craches when you open

Posted by crazy boss 2017-08-16

This isn't open always automatically close I hate this game

Posted by Neel grewal 2017-08-16


Posted by Tondalear Jones 2017-08-15

the system needs to be updated the uploads to the graphics need to be updated and on installation button needs to be fixed the freezing and the kicking out in the unstops needs to be fixed as well

Posted by Mick Edobor 2017-08-15

Worst game of 2017

Posted by Kelle Smith 2017-08-15

Horrible Won't​ let me in don't download guys it's total trash

Posted by 2017-08-15

This game is strate up trash

Posted by G. Gopi 2017-08-15

When i click play game its kick me out

Posted by Hammad Thair 2017-08-15

Bakwas game

Posted by Rana Hany 2017-08-14

I hate it

Posted by Robert vlogs 2017-08-13

it does not work

Posted by Shubhra Bhambri 2017-08-13

Its worst

Posted by 2017-08-13

Dont download this game it is trash

Posted by Grover music Center 2017-08-13

Game is not working says not responding! Wasted my Data

Posted by Denis and Sr meows alot 2017-08-12


Posted by Mido Mostafa 2017-08-12

It didnt even start

Posted by Yasso Ybi 2017-08-12

Hate it

Posted by Callum Wood 2017-08-12

It's not working

Posted by kanchan batra 2017-08-11

Very baaaaad game I don't like it I will never do this again it wasted my 109 mb

Posted by random person with expectations 2017-08-11

Doesn't let me play smh...

Posted by DevnoDevno454 2017-08-10

It won't let me transform and it said that it can but there is no option for me

Posted by Dalexis Gonzalez Jr 2017-08-10

I love Ben 10

Posted by ThirstyPanda961 2017-08-10

When i press play game it tells me not responding. I wish to know what causes it, if its my fault or the game.

Posted by David Enriquez 2017-08-08

I can't play it

Posted by Jovahn Jeffrey 2017-08-08

When I press play I get kicked out

Posted by Shawn Powell 2017-08-07

Terrible don't download it and I don't know if you try

Posted by meme lord420 2017-08-05

Boo i want a real consel ben 10 game

Posted by sans the skeleton gaming 2017-08-02

When I taped play game it said stopped working

Posted by TH CartoonNetwork 2017-08-02

It kicked me out as soon it finished loading

Posted by Awsome Levi 2017-08-01

It did not go on the app

Posted by Jennifer Salinas 2017-07-26

This game doesn't work

Posted by 2017-07-25

It can't let me play

Posted by Flying Foxes 2017-07-24

Doesn't work I press play and the game just crashes

Posted by Haz Craft 2017-07-24

It didn't work when I pressed play

Posted by T. H 2017-07-23

I never could even play it at all

Posted by Zafar Akbarally 2017-07-22

I did not like it cause when I wanted to play it it always went off

Posted by Crystal Deshields 2017-07-22

It would never work right

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