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Posted by Pankaj jha 2017-09-13

Nice game

Posted by Ranjeet Srivastava 2017-09-13

These is very

Posted by ritesh Minchinal 2017-09-13

Favorite game

Posted by Aishwary Sahu 2017-09-13

It's a cool game . But only 4 aliens please add more

Posted by Ghanshyam Shukla 2017-09-12

Awesome game Ben 10

Posted by dev sharma 2017-09-12

Thank you bhayia

Posted by علی تدینی 2017-09-12

It is very gooooooooood

Posted by sourabh raj 2017-09-12

Not a gud one

Posted by now Star 2017-09-12

I can't transform because transforming option not available please fix it.

Posted by SAHALAM SK 2017-09-12


Posted by Doris Rivera 2017-09-12

Daniel loves it

Posted by حسین علینژاد 2017-09-12


Posted by Thomas Powers 2017-09-12

Mede more guys

Posted by SoggyCereal Face 2017-09-12

Ummn Why Cant I Transform???? The Rest Of The Game Is Awsome Tho.

Posted by Joel Gomez 2017-09-12

Even knowing that it has glitches the game is still cool

Posted by sudipa dutta 2017-09-12

It's good

Posted by 2017-09-12

Please add more aliens

Posted by Sushil Kumar 2017-09-12


Posted by Naveed king B 2017-09-12

Great idea but I can't control fix it please

Posted by mothukuri krishna 2017-09-12


Posted by Sourabh Kumar 2017-09-12

Cool game

Posted by Prakash Nishad 2017-09-12

It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo interested game for me

Posted by 2017-09-12


Posted by Christine Donoghue 2017-09-12

Ben 10 ben 10 ben 20

Posted by Dindinee Chhangte 2017-09-12


Posted by Ramesh Kumar 2017-09-12

Veryyyyyy best game

Posted by Harsh Dwivedi 2017-09-12

I will rate 5 stars but please add all the aliens and villains. PLEASE!

Posted by mahdi zareh 2017-09-12


Posted by 2017-09-12

Good game but also boring because it has same levels.

Posted by RITU GAUTAM 2017-09-12

It never works

Posted by Asia Thompson 2017-09-12

Awesome game

Posted by Rifda Aiko Syifa 2017-09-12

So much good

Posted by Tayyab CLOUD 2017-09-12


Posted by lallan kumar sharma 2017-09-12

plzz add clok work'aline x'wildmat'ultimate humangosor and last aline fedback

Posted by hamdy abdrabou 2017-09-12

add alien

Posted by 2017-09-12

Cartoon network is very good

Posted by Mohd Faheem 2017-09-12

Best games

Posted by Nasar Ansari 2017-09-12

It is good

Posted by rekha rani 2017-09-12

Good app

Posted by Jesse 2017-09-12

It's need to be fixed

Posted by Harsh Jatin 2017-09-12

Awesome game

Posted by Sahaj Singh 2017-09-12

Out standing

Posted by DHVANIT SHUKLA 2017-09-12

Dhvanit 1234

Posted by Dharam Veer Saraf 2017-09-12

I of my favourite game

Posted by Devender Sawant 2017-09-12


Posted by dhara kamboj 2017-09-12


Posted by nat raj 2017-09-12

I hate it

Posted by 2017-09-12

Goo Goo

Posted by Yash Singh 2017-09-12

Awesome game

Posted by 2017-09-12

It this a very nice game

Posted by 2017-09-11

Thakur surya pratap singh

Posted by 2017-09-11

How can we transport and do other things

Posted by 2017-09-11

Best game I have evered played in my life

Posted by Hari Sori 2017-09-11

It is very carfully game yes

Posted by Sabareesh Krishnan 2017-09-11


Posted by shourya vines 2017-09-11

It's cool but I can't transform

Posted by Dr.policyman Dr.policyman 2017-09-11

Why don't I get the A-R?

Posted by 2017-09-11

This 3D app ben 10 is awsome and the graphics are super great like it

Posted by Kimberly A. Gatsinzi 2017-09-11

I like the game but to much glitches. PLEASE FIX THIS.

Posted by prodipta de 2017-09-11


Posted by 2017-09-11

Please aad more Aliens

Posted by 2017-09-11

it is cool game

Posted by the Wolves 2017-09-11

I love it

Posted by Chretha Ballard 2017-09-11

Add more aliens

Posted by Angel Lucas 2017-09-11

Love it

Posted by blockclouth34 gaming 2017-09-11

It's ok

Posted by Chante Richardson 2017-09-11

Kinda good

Posted by pink ninja 2017-09-11

Trashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is only good for zombiessssssss!!!!!!

Posted by 2017-09-11

This game is awesome

Posted by GamerZane Quinny 2017-09-11

This needs shorter download time

Posted by Muhammed Ajas 2017-09-11

I like this

Posted by ashish joshy 2017-09-11

Cool game but t I didn't get transform option

Posted by 2017-09-11

٤ ٣

Posted by Isaiah Hill 2017-09-11

Like it but can't transform

Posted by Johnobor Isimeme 2017-09-11

This game is amazing

Posted by 2017-09-11


Posted by Yunus Pathan 2017-09-11

Please add more difficult and new levels

Posted by 2017-09-11

Wow but some ads

Posted by Sharjil Asif 2017-09-11

Only four aliens are in game why

Posted by 2017-09-11

New version of Pokemon ash grey

Posted by Technical Gamer 2017-09-11

Great app i have updated this app great my son is happy but need to add more aliens

Posted by 2017-09-11


Posted by mosa kekana 2017-09-11

Does not work without data

Posted by Sidharth Ugender 2017-09-11


Posted by 2017-09-11

It is nice but you can add some more aliens plzzz

Posted by amjad ali 2017-09-11


Posted by 2017-09-11

Best do more improvements to make it best game of the world

Posted by Rajmohan. Km 2017-09-11

Very not sure what the hell

Posted by Jitu Singh 2017-09-11

Very very nice

Posted by Aquil Reza 2017-09-11

Best game ever...I am a big fan of Ben 10.....Ben u r my HERO ...Thank u for making the game.....plz download it....

Posted by R S gamer king 2017-09-11

This game is very good but heatblast is very very very good

Posted by aabeda nafis 2017-09-11

I can't transform but any way it is good game

Posted by shanmugam bhuvaneswari 2017-09-11

I cant transform

Posted by dashrath kumar 2017-09-11

so good

Posted by Shanu Gupta 2017-09-11

I love it

Posted by Satish Vegesana 2017-09-11

No transform option .

Posted by 2017-09-11

This games very good

Posted by Pahulpreet Singh Kahlon 2017-09-11

Likeed it but game has some technical bugs pls fix or i will become heatblast and distroy your whole boring compony and boring games

Posted by Nilamhasmukh Vaghashiya 2017-09-10

This is big anb beautifull games

Posted by 2017-09-10


Posted by Samuel Kogi 2017-09-10

4 ben tens sucks

Posted by The Story of Lightning Boy 2017-09-10

I love This Game but There is Many Bug and Controls are not Good

Posted by Sahil Singh 2017-09-10

Plzz add more alien in it plzz plzz plzz

Posted by Sanskar Thapa 2017-09-10

Very cool game

Posted by 2017-09-10

Like it super collection you should play it

Posted by Kenny Linn 2017-09-10

I can't trancform,but I like the game any way

Posted by Rajan Sinha 2017-09-10


Posted by guha saravanan 2017-09-10

Nice to play

Posted by Oio Pozz Vin 2017-09-10

it gret

Posted by Captain Golden 2017-09-10

Awesome and really good graphics

Posted by babyruth lover 2017-09-10

It's stupid

Posted by 2017-09-10

I like it but I don't know how to do the face

Posted by 2017-09-10

I love when you get to transform.

Posted by devalmobile deval mobile 2017-09-10


Posted by Anand Roy 2017-09-10

Add more aliens plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Posted by Ashish Gujjar 2017-09-10

This his my love

Posted by sliver . exe 2017-09-10

It's a good app

Posted by 2017-09-10

It is nice but add more aliens

Posted by austin childress 2017-09-10


Posted by Abhimanyu Sumesara 2017-09-10

Its good

Posted by Prosenjit Das 2017-09-10

Good game

Posted by Ann Hoey 2017-09-10


Posted by Jitendra rai 2017-09-10

Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy god game

Posted by Arbaz Khan 2017-09-10

It sooo coooooool i loved it!!!

Posted by Rishu Kumar 2017-09-10

More aliens plz

Posted by MANDEEP KAUR 2017-09-10

This is a best game of ben 10 I like this game a lot

Posted by Mani selvam 2017-09-10

On ce

Posted by The Endeavour 2017-09-10

I like it

Posted by محمد معجونی 2017-09-10


Posted by Mihir Kayal 2017-09-10


Posted by Ben 10 Omniverse 2017-09-10

If there will be more aliens it will be better and insert transforming option in ben 10 experience alien don't fool the people

Posted by Chris Kruger 2017-09-10

I like it but there should be more aliens

Posted by Limbu Samir 2017-09-10

Boo! Boo! Its Gross,it stinks like stink fly

Posted by Manobhav Sharma 2017-09-10

Like pokemon go

Posted by Bharat Pal 2017-09-10


Posted by 2017-09-10

One word Awesome

Posted by 2017-09-10

Looooooooooooooooooo 1 hour later ooooooooove it

Posted by 2017-09-10

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Posted by Papu handique 2017-09-10


Posted by Arun Sandhu 2017-09-10


Posted by vudatha sirisha 2017-09-10


Posted by Haraprasad Mishra 2017-09-10

Very good app I love it

Posted by Rosheen Saifi 2017-09-10

The best game ever

Posted by Ramesh Veerabathini 2017-09-10

Exellent marvles I love this game

Posted by yogesh kumar 2017-09-10

Very good game love this game

Posted by 2017-09-10


Posted by Nona Soliman 2017-09-10


Posted by 2017-09-10

I think good app

Posted by 2017-09-10

Its good but add more aliens

Posted by 2017-09-10

Ben 10 is my favorite game but

Posted by Prakash Laxmi 2017-09-10


Posted by super boys khan 2017-09-10

Love it add more allian plz I beg u

Posted by 2017-09-10

It's very xting game

Posted by Manivannan Thirunavukkarasu 2017-09-10

I can't move my hands

Posted by Ashutosh Kumar 2017-09-10


Posted by 2017-09-10

This is so good.

Posted by Jatin Pangtey 2017-09-10

This game is ossm.... Cool... And Supdd

Posted by Abdul Rahman 2017-09-10

Plz add more alliens Good Game

Posted by 2017-09-10

I think more alien should be ghost freak!cannonbolt!upgrade!etc

Posted by r.anand guru 2017-09-10

Transform action not coming

Posted by Manish Sharma 2017-09-10

How to transform into alien

Posted by Maina Sanjay 2017-09-10

Nice thanks

Posted by Kaif OP was vAlam 2017-09-09

It was a great ben10 games you will not work in game bro

Posted by ashok kumar 2017-09-09

super fight game

Posted by Lalit Kortiya 2017-09-09

Its a osm game i love it

Cool GamePosted by sanjay kumar kunwar 2017-09-09

Minu of your assignment

Posted by Rashmi Sachdev 2017-09-09

D o you know ! Just nothing it's the besssssssssssssssssssssssst ! Ben game ever

Posted by enmax associates 2017-09-09


Posted by 2017-09-09

The best application in phone

Posted by Sunita Das Dash 2017-09-09

Please add some more alien

Posted by Romesoft Inc Non-Technical 2017-09-09


Posted by 2017-09-09

Very beauty full game

Posted by Raza ul Haq 2017-09-09

to doanload game

Posted by pushpa latha 2017-09-09


Posted by Aditya Prakash 2017-09-09

I love transforming into alien and fighting from bad aliens.

Posted by dabbing gengar 2017-09-09

Its fun but can u add more aliens plzzzzz

Posted by nisha chauhan 2017-09-09


Posted by DANGER ZONE 2017-09-09


Posted by dude I love junk rat mcpants 2017-09-09

Cool game

Posted by Arianna Ventura 2017-09-09

GG :) \_(^^)_/♡

Posted by Samoji Rama Devi 2017-09-09

Its cool

Posted by Sunil Preamathilaka 2017-09-09

Super Bro

Posted by mritunjai giri 2017-09-09

It's amazing

Posted by Rob Pcock 2017-09-09

The Ben 10 game

Posted by Ryan McCausley 2017-09-09

For a show that's being run for the second time, the amount of thought put into this game is pitiful.

Posted by 2017-09-09

It is a very very cool action game

Posted by Cate Hamad 2017-09-09

I think its awmazing

Posted by Chandra Shekhar 2017-09-09


Posted by nazario Gica jr. 2017-09-09

I like this game ben 10 i think my face is really a alien

Posted by Marie Kennedy 2017-09-09

It cool

Posted by xxryan' nxb team ryan 2017-09-09

It's okay

Posted by Dhenmart Valisno 2017-09-09

Best game ever

Posted by bendy plays 2017-09-09

It's sad pf how crappy this game is other aliens

Posted by Bethany Sanchez 2017-09-09

No transformation

Posted by 2017-09-09

Awesome Good

Posted by Nabeel Ayub 2017-09-09

It's awesome

Posted by priya singh 2017-09-09

Cool game bro

Posted by Frank Sedillo 2017-09-09

Loved it

Posted by ninja star 2017-09-09


Posted by blake brantley 2017-09-09


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